“A Season With: Navy Football” Had Me Hooked Till the Credits

By now everyone is aware that I’m a sucker for a good sports documentary and I was excited for the show “A Season With” on Showtime because it took a deep dive into a college football program and focuses more on the athletes than the coaches. So I tuned into every episode during season one with Notre Dame and found myself attaching myself to these guys that were working their tails off on the field every week and still having to deal with the touch rigors of academics. But season two couldn’t hold my interest because I couldn’t get behind FSU, not that I didn’t want the players to do well but I felt that enough attention was given to SEC schools that they didn’t need a Showtime show on top of that.  But still I saw that there was a new season of the show and when I saw that they were featuring Navy Football, I knew I had to tune in (if for nothing but the potential blog post). So after waiting for at least two episodes, I tuned in with no expectations. I was merely satisfying my curiosity. And what do you know, I actually found myself hooked within the first five minutes. I love this show because it gives you access into a program that few know much about. I had no idea how success the program has been throughout their history.

I found it interesting that the Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo has been with the program for over 20 years because it’s almost unheard of to see a coach stay with a program that long. I was also interested by the program’s main goal of beating Army instead of winning a national championship.

I especially like Niumatalolo because he treats his staff and players like family. When he found out that his Offensive Coordinator Ivin Jasper’s son was sick he broke down because a member of his family was hurting. Niumatalolo didn’t allow anyone to sit in Jasper’s chair during their meeting because he didn’t want to act like he didn’t exist; he wanted everyone to keep him in their mind.

He also stresses that his players act like the family they are, because he knew that it’s the only way that they could have any success on the field since Navy doesn’t recruit the top recruits in the country. Think about it like this, usually the teams with the top recruits have to deal with the players ultimately wanting to be the best of their position on the field because they are trying to make it to the NFL so they have ulterior motives every time they take the field. In Navy’s case, their players don’t have to worry about the NFL because after school they will head off into the Navy or Marine Corps.

The main reason why I am really into this season of “A Season With” is because it’s focusing on a program that I know little about. It’s shining light on a group of guys that are working towards more in life than playing football professionally. They are working towards serving their country either in the Navy and Marine Corps and have just been able to play football while they’re studying. I also applaud the football players for managing their intense course loads and performing on the field every week. I highly suggest that you check out the new season of “A Season With: Navy Football” because it’s going to hook you till the credits as you dive deep into Navy Football.

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