Knicks Finally Trade Carmelo Anthony

This past weekend news broke that the New York Knicks had finally traded Carmelo Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott, and a 2018 second-round draft pick (via the Chicago Bulls). So Knicks fan can rejoice that the team is finally able to start the arduous rebuilding process that Philadelphia 76ers fans are all too familiar with. But while the Knicks are happy Melo is gone, I’m 100% positive that Melo is relieved to be away from the team that wanted nothing to do with him.

It’s no secret that the Knicks royally botched this whole process. It started when then President of the Team Phil Jackson made some comments about Melo to the media because really why would you put it out into the universe that you were essentially tired of Melo? It’s understandable that the Knicks would want to try and rebuild considering they had Kristaps Porzingis who could easily be the centerpiece in a young winning team. So instead of working behind the scenes to quietly move Melo and his monster contract you put muddy the waters by bringing in the media and bringing the team dynamic into question.

I’m not surprised that the Knicks struggled to play well considering the media scrutiny that followed the team not just because of the Melo drama but the James Dolan drama and the Derrick Rose MIA incident dominating the headlines. So now with Derrick Rose gone to Cleveland and Melo now in OKC, and Phil Jackson no longer managing the team, there really isn’t an excuse for poor play on the court right? The only thing that could possibly cause any problems is the owner that it seems like no Knicks fan actually likes. Hopefully Porzingis and Co can tune out the noise and focus on winning some basketball games.

And now that OKC has added another Top 10 scorer to their roster, the Western Conference is stacked and should prove to be an interesting fight into the Finals next year. And maybe, just maybe, Melo can finally win a championship and show everyone that he’s actually a good ball player.

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