The Problem with the NFL & Players’ Meeting

Today select National Football League players descended on New York City to meet with their owners and league officials to discuss the National Anthem protests and what the league can do to help battle the social injustices players are protesting for. The only problem with this meeting is that Colin Kaepernick, the guy that started all of this last year, was not invited. Kaepernick not even being invited is a huge problem for me and shows that this whole meeting ultimately means nothing in the long run.

If the league were serious about addressing the issues that has players protesting the anthem, they would’ve made sure the Kaepernick was there. He was the guy that decided to use his platform to bring awareness to social injustice still happening in the country. All he wanted to do was to do whatever he could to help inspire change and for that he’s been punished.

Hes the one out of a job because team’s didn’t want to deal with the “circus” that followed him. He’s the one who was criticized week-in and week-out for not standing for the anthem while this year players are doing it every week with little fanfare (minus the radicals thinking it’s about the flag).

It should also be noted that this meeting comes weeks after the league openly praised the players for creating a united front following President Trump’s remarks about players who knelt for the anthem. So does the league approve of players using their rights to protest and bring awareness to several different issues affecting a large majority of people or do they not approve and want to find a way to punish players that are simply demonstrating their rights to protest? Because they can’t have it both ways. You can’t approve of teams and players kneeling or not even going on the field for the anthem to then try and create a rule forcing them to stand up at attention weeks later.

And yes, I know that the NFL is merely trying to appease the people that have said that they will no longer support the league because of the actions of a few players. But without said players there is nothing for select fans to protest against, so really it’s a catch 22 don’t ya think?

So I don’t know where to go from here, the league chose not to include Kaepernick in yesterday’s discussion and makes me think that today’s meeting was all for show. If they were serious, part of me thinks that maybe they would’ve reached out to him to see his perspective and to see if he had any ideas on how to both respect the National Anthem and bring awareness to the issues that have players protesting.

The only thing I know for certain is that not having Kaepernick at the meeting on Tuesday is a huge problem for the league and might actually help Kaepernick in his legal battle with the NFL.



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