WTF News: Nikola Mirotic Hospitalized Following Altercation with Teammate

In today’s edition of WTF News, Chicago Bulls star Nikola Mirotic was hospitalized following an altercation with fellow Bulls player Bobby Portis. Mirotic suffered two broken bones in his face and is suspected to have a concussion.

And the only thing going through my mind when I saw the news is why would Portis want to hurt the star of his team? What could Mirotic have possibly done to Portis besides being the best player on the team that would warrant Portis possibly ending Mirotic’s season? And thus tanking any change his team has of making the playoffs?

And then after I read some articles and saw enough tweets, there is only one question on my mind: how fast will Gar Foreman get rid of Portis? Now before you jump down my throat about how it could have been Mirotic’s fault, that he might have been the aggressor that lead to Portis attacking with such force. Let’s take a step back and remember that Mirotic is the star of that team now, he’s the only guy that could lead the team to any kind of success and if sports has taught me anything that if the guy has talent he’s not going anywhere no matter what he does.

Plus the force that Portis used (breaking bones that will require surgery to fix and being out for the foreseeable future) is not the answer. I don’t care what Mirotic did or said, there is no reason to put your hands on him in that fashion, violence is never the answer as cliched as it sounds.

So what happens now? Portis will most likely be suspended for a lengthy time from the team and it wouldn’t be surprising if the team gets rid of Portis because as mentioned before the team is now in Mirotic’s hands with Butler having been traded, so how can you have a guy on the team that obviously has such hatred for Mirotic that he would break his face?

The Bulls had a slim chance of doing well this season with the loss of big stars and now with this added drama, it doesn’t seem likely that the Bulls will be able to actually have a winning season…

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