Dear Phoenix Suns Fans, You Deserve Better

The news coming out of Phoenix Arizona surrounding the Suns has honestly had my head spinning a bit because it’s like once it rains it pours. And it really, it shouldn’t be raining this much in Phoenix. But from firing the head coach to star players and former staff subtweeting and sub-instagraming about the organization to another player getting fined for making rude gestures, what is seriously in the water in the Suns locker room?

It’s surprising that a head coach gets fired after going 0-3 to start the season, but who knows if his employment was contingent on winning. But still the coach should be given some time to get the team chemistry right so they can produce winning basketball. Yes, I understand Earl Watson had more than enough time to get the team’s act together. To that point, I say why wasn’t he fired earlier? It’s fishy and a bit sketchy that the ownership waited until three games into the season to fire Watson. Why not just continue to lose this season and possibly start rebuilding?

So you’d think that the this story would end after Watson was fired, maybe it would be the talk of the news cycle for a day or two. But no, this Phoenix drama took another turn when Eric Bledsoe tweeted that he “didn’t want to be here”, which Bledsoe claims was referring to his location at the time (a hair salon). But really all of us Twitter users can spot a sub tweet when we see one and Bledsoe’s tweet is the prime definition of a subtweet. For those unfamiliar with this term, according to Urban Dictionary (a valid source for all things millennial) a subtweet is “A tweet (message posted on the website Twitter) that mentions a Twitter member without using their actual username. Usually employed for negative or insulting tweets; the person you’re mentioning won’t see the subtweet in their Twitter timeline as it doesn’t contain the @ symbol that every Twitter username has.” Bledsoe was tweeting at the Suns without tagging them and wanted to let everyone know (including prospective teams) that he is open to getting out of Phoenix.  Which given everything going on do you really blame him?

I mean the recent fodder wasn’t bad enough with subtweets and firing a head coach Josh Jackson had to go and make a hand gesture like pulling a trigger towards a fan during the Suns game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Jackson was fined $35,000 for the gesture, but the PR damage is even worse for the team. It’s like the interim head coach has no control over the team and they’re doing whatever they want. I don’t know or care about what the fan said to Jackson that triggered (too soon?) him, he should’ve known better. He should understand that he’s a professional athlete now and will be held to a higher standard, no matter if he’s right or wrong. I would think that the this type of reminder should come from a head coach, but given the recent quick change of coaches I can kind of understand how this type of thing would slip through the cracks.

Ultimately all of these recent organization disasters boil down to the ownership of the team Robert Sarver, who it should be noted was named the worst NBA owner for 2016. He has managed to take a team that once had some pride and respect in the league and make them a $1.100 M laughing stock of the NBA. Where is Sarver during all of this? Why hasn’t he said anything to appease fans and let them know that the team is determined to righting the ship and giving the fans the best product on the court? I firmly believe that all of this nonsense going on all boils down to Sarver because he’s the one that ultimately makes all the decisions. So until he either gets his act together and even sells the team, the Phoenix Suns will continue to be a joke.

And to all those loyal Suns fans that still support the team despite the circus happening around their team, you deserve better. You deserve an owner that will move mountains to give fans the best experience at every game and give you players that not only want to be in Phoenix but players that will give you the best basketball that you pay money to see. You deserve to have a team that earns your loyalty and devotion through their success night-in and night-out.

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I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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