Undeniable with Alex Rodriguez: a Swing and a Miss

I was intrigued and honestly kind of excited to see that Undeniable with Joe Buck had actually got Alex Rodriguez to appear on the show. Now if you haven’t seen the show before, let me give you a quick breakdown: Joe Buck hosts and dives deep in his guest background and we’re talking deep. When Michael Phelps was on, Buck got him to dig deep into what led him to his DIUs and all the PR crisis he had throughout his historic career. So given A-Rod’s past with baseball this episode was going to answer all the questions anyone could have for A-Rod. Wrong. This episode while good, didn’t give me all the answers I wanted.

The majority of the episode was devoted to A-Rod’s start in baseball and how he struggled in the beginning to stay in the big show. A-Rod talked about how he felt constantly being sent down and how he just wanted to stay in the majors. I was interested to hear that he was ready to give it all up when he was being sent down for like the fifth time in a season and that A-Rod would call his friends in college just to hear what the college experience was like.

Can you imagine what kind of career A-Rod would have had if he had decided to attend college instead of going pro? I wonder if he had decided to walk away from the money right away and went to college, if he would have had the steroid scandals he did? But then again on the flip side, it raises the question of would he have been the ace hitter he had been.

So yes, I was interested in A-Rod’s background because I knew nothing about A-Rod before the steroids scandals, I tuned in to hear about the steroids. I wanted to know why he did it, what was going through his mind when he decided to do it. I wanted to know how he was able to get away with it for so long.

A-Rod does allude to being in some sort of intense pain while he was using, but it wasn’t 100% clear if that was the reason. It also wasn’t given that much time in the episode, granted it’s only 60 minutes long and therefore they have to be very selective about how much time they devote to each subject. But still I think that they could’ve skimped on the beginning of his career a bit and focus more on the latter part of his career.

Undeniable is a great show and if you have a chance to watch, I highly suggest tuning in but this episode left a lot to be desired.

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