The Longer the Elliot Case Drags On, the More Harm it Brings the Cowboys

News broke late last night that a federal judge had thrown out Ezekiel Elliott’s injunction thus reinstating his six game suspension, but Elliott had 24 hours to file an appeal. So for a few hours last night and this morning, it looked like Elliott would serve his suspension and be back with the Dallas Cowboys by Week 15, more than enough time to get back into football mode before the Cowboy’s playoff run. Of course, this saga wasn’t going to end there, nope Elliott filed another appeal this afternoon. But what Elliott fails to realize throughout this legal soap opera is that the longer he drags this out the more harm it does to his team.

I understand that Elliott believes that his punishment isn’t fair and that it’s too harsh for mere allegations of wrong doing. But his ego aside, Elliott was on a path of bad behavior that started in college where he was most likely allowed to get away with a lot of things because he was a talented football player on a top football university. That pattern of behavior and perhaps entitlement carried over into the NFL when he had almost instant success on the field, so naturally Elliott acted like a reckless 20 something. So the NFL did an investigation and found that Elliott was guilty of conduct that made the league look bad. So the league had to issue a punishment in what I think was a hey stop doing these things move and setting a message to the other players in the league and fans that the NFL was tough on any sort of crime against women.

What I think Elliott fails to realize is that he’s fighting a losing battle and I only say that based on the amount of times his appeals have been denied and the suspension has been reinstated. Obviously there is something in the mountain of paperwork that legally means that Elliott has no grounds to not serve the suspension.

And the longer this drags on the higher the chance that his suspension goes into the playoffs which could greatly hurt his team’s chances. If you think about it, now is the time for Elliott to just take the six games and go somewhere to keep working out and doing his football thing so that he’s well rested for the team’s most likely deep playoff run, which will be a great benefit to the team. Elliott is not the only reason the Cowboys play well, but he’s contributes enough that his absence will be missed.

So basically what’s Elliott going to do if his appeal is dragged out for another month and he’s still suspended, but now he’s going into the playoffs? How would he feel knowing that he’s exhausted all his options and was still found ‘guilty’ in a sense and now hurt his team? I’m not sure who’s giving Elliott his legal advice but I think that they are setting him up for failure with no regard for the team.

If I were Elliott and I knew that I was going to have to serve my suspension, I would take it earlier rather than later because in the long run it would benefit my team and myself. Wouldn’t you?

Only time will tell what happens and knowing this saga, it’s going to be awhile before there is any sort of resolution.

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