Texans’ Owner Tries to Reappear Team Relations & Season

I came across an interesting article late Thursday afternoon that Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson had gotten hurt in practice would most likely be out of the rest of the season. Which puts the Texans in a tough spot because they are without quarterbacks on even the practice squad. So what on earth were the Texans to do? Give Colin Kaepernick a workout of course, at least that’s what the report says.

While usually I try not to believe reports, this one might actually hold some water purely because of how bringing in Kaepernick could give the team a potential QB when Tom Savage royally screws up, but also helps repair McNair’s image following the inmate comments he made a little over a week ago. By bringing in Kaepernick, McNair shows his players that he’s seen the error in his ways. Bringing in Kaepernick also helps change the negative narrative surrounding protesting players and the NFL.

But given McNair’s previous comments will he actually agree to signing Kaepernick? If he’s smart he’ll see that having Kaepernick on the team will give him a decent shot at success as from what I understand, his and Watson’s playing styles are similar in terms of play making ability and ability to move the ball. I mean he had a 59.6% completion rate and threw for over two thousand yards during the 2016 season, so really the Texans could do worse.

It’s only a rumor that McNair has given the green light for coaches to ‘audition’ Kaepernick for a job on the team and we’ve been down this road before with the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens. But this time feels different mostly because the owner of the team has already caused a controversy with his comments and needs a saving grace right about now. We’ll have to wait to see if Kaepernick suits up for the Texans this Sunday when they take on the struggling Indianapolis Colts.

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