What’s Going on in Green Bay?

News broke swiftly Wednesday that the Green Bay Packers had cut Tight End Martellus Bennett for failing to disclose a medical condition, which no doubt took quite a few people by surprise. So Bennett went on waivers and was picked up by his former team the New England Patriots, which immediately raised my suspicions because if the Packers cut him for failing to disclose a medical condition, why would the Patriots pick him up? Bennett’s signing with the Pats gave a few tweets floating around the Twitter universe credibility, that Bennett had wanted out of Green Bay following Aaron Rodgers’ injury.

If Bennett had wanted out following Rodger’s injury, I’m not surprised. Since losing Rodgers the Packers haven’t been able to win a game and while I think that Brett Hundley could be a descent quarterback after being the backup for three years, I just don’t see them havingĀ  winning season. The team relies too heavily on Rodgers’ talent and ability to help the team stay focus through the rough times and Hundley most likely just doesn’t have their respect.

I can’t blame Bennett for wanting to play for a winning team, he’s 30 years old and thus potentially at the end of his career. He wants to have a chance to win another Super Bowl ring and he’s played for enough mediocre teams in his career and has the talent on the field to have a say in where he spends his career.

Plus the Packers parting ways with him so easily shows that maybe the executives know that this season is a wash and at this point are just waiting for the season to end so they can rebuild a championship winning team. It also should go to show that maybe the Packers would have had a fighting chance if they had just bit the bullet and signed a QB like Kaepernick who has experience leading a team to a playoff run. But what do I know, I don’t work for the Packers.

Here’s hoping that the Packers can make something of this season and have a fighting chance at a playoff run, but knowing that the Chicago Bears are actually favored to win the game this Sunday hopes aren’t that high.

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