Nature Boy: A Blueprint For How Not to Live Life

First things first, I will admit that I had not intended to watch the new “30 for 30: Nature Boy” mainly because I’m not a fan of wrestling. I don’t see the point of watching grown man dance around a ring and act, I mean I tried to get into back in the late 90s early 00s when it was the cool thing to do but it didn’t stick. So after a few days of it taunting me in my DVR, I finally watched it and while I was fascinated by the psychology of the guy and how he ticked I wasn’t a fan of the film.

Now like I said, I am fascinated by how Rick Flair lived his life, I mean sleeping with tons of women while married with kids and drinking as heavily as he did for so long and still living? That is impressive. But still while watching it, Flair’s life should serve as a blueprint for how to live your life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be the best in your field/wanting to be successful with tons of fans, I’m all for people chasing their dreams. But in the process of Flair chasing his dreams of being the best, he left four kids at home feeling like their dad didn’t love them and having to watch their mothers lose their husbands. So how can you idolize a man who would willingly have kids with a woman and then immediately leave them to sleep with tons of woman and party all the time?

I will admit that I’m impressed that Flair was able to carry on his career for so long. I mean what other ‘athlete’ has a career that lasts from the 70s until 2008? Can you imagine Tom Brady playing that long? So while Flair was determined to wrestle as long as possible it was at great cost. So would you continue to chase your dream if you didn’t know the effect it would have on your body? Flair was hospitalized and put into a coma because his body was essentially shutting down, so really in the end was it worth it?

There was one point of the film that really hit home and made me feel for Flair and that was when Flair lost his son Reed. In that moment I was able to connect with Flair because I too have lost a close family member that was my best friend and while I have no idea what it’s like to lose a child, I can relate to that crushing pain that completely derails your life.

So while I did not really enjoy the film because of my lack of interest in wrestling, I did gain an appreciation for Rick Flair and everything he did for the sport of wrestling.

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