College Football Playoff Rankings Chalked Full of Surprise

The third round of College Football Playoff rankings were released today and it was chalked full of surprises, like Alabama finally coming in at the top spot and undefeated Wisconsin and Auburn are out of the top four spots. Which isn’t surprising given that a lot of top 25 teams lost this weekend and thus threw the whole thing into the air with no real clue about the outcome.

CFP Ranking 3
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While Oklahoma has had an impressive season lately and Miami had a spectacular win over heated rival Notre Dame to claim their third and fourth rankings, surely Wisconsin has a better case of inclusion into the top four. Both teams are undefeated both in conference and non-conference play so how did 9-1 Oklahoma and Clemson outrank Wisconsin?

The argument could be made that Clemson is included in the top four based purely on the history the school has winning national championship and recent success. But the weight of the name Clemson aside, Wisconsin is a better option for the top four because they are actually undefeated. Plus don’t you think that the rankings would be more newsworthy if Clemson weren’t included?

I would also like to point out that Northwestern has managed to rise two spots in the rankings following a regulation win against Purdue this past weekend and following a month of overtime victories and TCU ranked 12th after a tough loss to Oklahoma.

There are still three more rankings to happen before the playoff pairings are announced and given how last weekend played out we are in for a few more surprise rankings.

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