NFL Can’t Seem to Keep Focus on the Field

The National Football League has had a major issue with keeping the focus on the field this season. First there was the lengthy legal battle with Ezekiel Elliott (update: Elliott has come to his senses and taken the suspension). Then there was the whole President/kneeling situation that went on for far too long. Then NFL Sponsor Papa Johns came out and said that the NFLs falling ratings and kneeling were the reason why his sales were lackluster. And finally there was the news that Jerry Jones was launching all out war to get the owners not to approve Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension.

Following the reports that Jones was trying to get the owners to get rid of Goodell, it seems like his plan has backfired with the league and owners now turning their sights on Jones. Reports surfaced late Thursday that the league was trying to remove the Dallas Cowboys from Jones due to behavior detrimental to the league. This move comes after Jones has repeatedly said that he will continue to delay Goodell’s contract extension. He claims that he’s only doing it so that there is more transparency in the process and give more owners in the league more power over what happens.

But this will blow up in Jones’ face because he keeps pushing his narrative in the media and it makes the league and the other owners look bad. Which according to Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk,  “According to Article VIII of the NFL’s Constitution & Bylaws. Specifically, Section 8.13 authorizes the Commissioner to determine that an owner “has been or is guilty of conduct detrimental to the welfare of the League or professional football.” So the very man that Jones is attacking could either give him a sanction of $500,000 or go an even more drastic route and make Jones give up the team via a sale.

Now would Goodell go that drastic route? Given all the other headaches he’s had to deal with so far this season, I wouldn’t say so. I would think that Goodell is trying to find the easiest solution that not only stops Jones from pushing his ‘transparency in the process narrative’ and gets the focus back on the field. It’s too drastic of a move simply because Jones has been delaying his contract extension, now if Jones pulled a Clippers Sterling move than that’s a whole other story.

Plus this whole mess is really the NFL’s fault because Goodell has extended his reach multiple times so the media is more focused on what he’s doing than what’s happening on the field. Plus the product on the field hasn’t been stellar this season with all the injuries to big players and just poor performance on the field, so really what else should the media be focusing on?

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