Little Surprise in Top 4 College Football Playoff Fourth Rankings

The fourth round of College Football Playoffs came out Tuesday night with little fanfare. There was a minor shakeup in the top four with Clemson and Miami flipping spots. With Baker Mayfield being benched in the final home game of the season, there is a chance that Oklahoma falls out of the top four if they lose.

4th CFPlayoff rankings
Photo Cred: @CFPlayoff Twitter

But barring a shocking loss, it seems like this top four is the teams heading into the playoffs. Which after last week’s post, we know that I think Wisconsin should be in the top four seeing as their record is better than Oklahoma’s and their exclusion from the top four. But again I’m not on the selection committee so my opinion doesn’t matter. But it does raise the question as to why Oklahoma is ranked higher than Wisconsin even though Wisco is undefeated. Is it only because Oklahoma and Baker Mayfield is more popular than Wisco?

The top four teams should be based solely on record and not popularity. It’s hard enough playing well and having a good record that now teams have to be the most talked about in the media in order to be ranked in the top 4? Because if the rankings were based on popularity and maybe record, shouldn’t Ohio State be ranked higher? Seeing as they have been seen as a college football powerhouse in recent years?Plus given the media coverage following Penn State this year shouldn’t they be ranked higher?

It should be noted that Michigan has fallen out of the top 25 following their 24-10 loss to Wisco this past week. And Northwestern moves up one spot following their 39-0 blowout against Minnesota. NC State also fell from the rankings following their 30-24 loss against Wake Forest. And finally Michigan State moved up one spot.

Going into the final week of game play, it’s entirely possible that there is a major shakeup. But given the strength of the remaining games, I highly doubt it. So get ready for the playoffs and an interesting bowl schedule.

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