Derrick Rose Goes MIA Again….Hinting at Retirement

When the news broke that Cleveland Cavaliers Guard Derrick Rose was taking time away from the time to take care of a “personal matter”, I couldn’t help but think back to last season when Rose went MIA before a Knicks game and nobody knew where he was. And while Rose has hinted at possibly retirement, I can’t help but feel like Rose isn’t happy with his playing time in the Land and is just pulling some drama queen BS move.  I don’t believe that Rose is thinking about retirement and just wanted to cause a scene in hopes of getting more playing time.

I think that Rose thought that going to Cleveland would give him more playing time and a chance at the ring he couldn’t get in Chicago. But then Dwayne Wade came to the team and he found himself in the midst of a talent packed roster, so really how many minutes could he possibly get? He’s only gotten like 30 minutes and hasn’t played since the beginning of November, so I think he got a hint of what his season would be like and now wants to bounce.

If I were Rose, I would take my limited minutes knowing that my chances of finally getting a ring are quite high. Then I would take my higher stock due to the ring and find a team that can actually use my talents and get more minutes. But hey that’s just what I would do, what do I know?

Plus given Rose’s little incident last season, it doesn’t seem entirely out of the realm of possibility that he’s taking time because he’s unhappy with his playing status.

We will have to see what happens to Rose’s season and if he truly does retire, but really why would he retire given that he hasn’t earned a ring and still has a LOT to prove to the league that he’s the best version of himself.

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