Ball Brothers Heading to Lithuania, But Are They Ready?

Liangelo and LeMelo Ball have announced that they are taking their talents over to Lithuania. But are they ready to leave the safety net that is the United States? Or is this just one of those, if we can’t play the ball we want in the US we’ll go overseas and play? Do they even know where Lithuania is? Because I sure didn’t, which FYI it’s next to Poland in case you were curious.

Sure, the move might actually help their Big Baller Brand seeing as it will introduce it to a whole new audience, but is that really worth it? From what I understand about overseas basketball it can be rough to play because of the lackluster enforcement of rules and the absolute ruthlessness of the crowd.

While I’m all for these two doing whatever it takes to make it in professional basketball, I don’t think this is a purely genuine move. Liangelo was facing a lengthy suspension from UCLA’s basketball program because he decided it was a good idea to do stupid things in China, so really this could be a good move for him to keep playing. But then why not try and join a G-League team? He would’ve been able to join a team if he was good enough, which I guess is the bottom of the issue.

So while I support Liangelo continuing his playing career wherever he can play, despite his stupid international actions, sending LeMelo overseas is a horrible idea. He’s an impressionable child who hasn’t even graduated high school and papa big baller is sending them to Lithuania? Does he know how far that is from LA because we all know that there is no way that Papa Big Baller will not be at Lonzo Ball’s Laker games. Because he needs his air time to drive his Big Baller Brand and keep his name in the media.

Plus we’re not even talking about the language barrier that these two have to contend with which might actually help the guys get acclimated to the country and appreciate the experience.

The Ball Brothers are in for a rude awakening when they go overseas because nobody is going to a) care about who they are and b) if they don’t play well the fans are going to absolutely destroy them.

But who knows maybe this is will actually be a good experience for the two that will help them develop as basketball players and become adults. And if Papa Baller wants to go over there and stay with his boys instead of stalking the Lakers’ media after every game that would be awesome.

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