Are the Carolina Panthers Facing a Lengthy Investigation?

It’s been a wild weekend for the Carolina Panthers with the news breaking that their owner Jerry Richardson announcing that he would be selling the team following several allegations of workplace misconduct. He wrote a letter posted on the Panthers website, which you can read here.

Now Richardson announced that he was selling the team in a move to hopeful negate the National Football League investigation into his actions and punishment that would ultimately hurt the team. Which if you think about it, the move makes sense he’s going with the nuclear option to safe the team any other punishments.

In an article posted on Sports Illustrated last Friday, the Carolina Panthers actually launched an investigation into their owner via an outside law firm, which could bode well for them with the pending NFL investigation. It shows that the team is being “proactive” and I say that in quotes because there were several settlements given out to victims, so really how proactive can this investigation be? Plus it should be noted that this investigation seems to have been launched after SI reached out to the team with the results of their own investigation, so really the investigation was to save face against the news story that was going to hit.

Even though Richardson has already announced that he will sell the team following the end of the 2017 season, it seems as if the NFL will still get involved. SI reported that the NFL has taken over the investigation into Richardson from the outside law firm. Now SI also reported the legal roadblocks the investigation could face from the non-disclosure agreements regarding the settlements.

The SI article also raised an excellent point about why the NFL had taken over the investigation from the Panthers, because think about it the investigation is into Richardson, the owner of the team, and thus he’s paying for the investigators so really how thorough and impartial could it be? There is also the problem that the league’s investigation might not be as impartial and unbiased as well because the inappropriate actions of Richardson reflects poorly on the league. So you can see why both parties have an interest both completing this investigation quickly and not finding anything really bombshell worthy to maintain both the integrity of the league and the Carolina owner.

The best part surrounding this whole selling of the team business is that P. Diddy also tweeted out that he wanted to buy the team and his first action as owner would be to employ Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick has since tweeted in reply that he wanted in on the ownership group, which really how hilarious would that be if Kaepernick was able to owner part of a team in a league that wants nothing to do with him following his anthem protests? Don’t worry Carolina Panthers super fan Steph Curry has also enthusiastically announced that he wants in on buying the team, which could you imagine what Curry would be like if he owned part of his favorite team?

Given who previous league investigations have gone on, it could be months even a year before there is any kind of resolution and with the Panthers most likely making the playoffs the selling of the team will not begin until well into the new year. So in the meantime we just have to sit back and see what else shakes out of this whole mess and given how much the story line has changed in the last five days who knows where this story will take us.

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