When Adam Schefter Tries to Stir Up NFL Drama

This past weekend Adam Schefter reported that several National Football League teams were upset with the Green Bay Packers putting Aaron Rodgers back on the Injured Reserved without having suffered a new injury, thus violating the league’s policy on placing players on the IR. Citing multiple sources, Schefter claimed teams were calling for the Packers to have to release Rodgers due to the violation.

Now you’re probably wondering why is this news because NFL analyst are always reporting glorified rumors. And you’re right to an extent, but it’s news because it involved Aaron Rodgers, one of the league’s stars. It would be like the league sources calling for Tom Brady to be released for a dumb reason like having his own doctor at the stadium all the time.

I have two issues with this news story, starting off with citing league sources. I understand that most of guys like Schefter and Jay Glazer’s job relies on having people on the inside to give them the scoop. But I want to know who these people are, are they high up in the executive team or are they the guys cleaning the stadium who think they hear things? I’m not asking for the sources to be outed, but don’t you want to know who is giving them this info?

My second complaint is why is this a news story? I highly doubt that the Packers would put Rodgers back on the IR (following their elimination from playoff contention) without making sure that they were within their right to do so. Sure teams have on occasion done some less than above book moves, but I highly doubt that the Packers would do anything that could result in them losing their star quarterback. So really it seems like someone was just trying to stir up some drama and get some headlines during a lackluster day of football.

Which really is you think about it, that’s all this was: a ploy to get headlines. It’s really all I think of when I think of guys like Schefter and Glazier, they’re like those drama channels on YouTube reporting on alleged facts and sources close to the person (which side note if you’re looking to mindlessly kill some time look up a YT Drama Channel). Basically I find these things hard to believe based on the sources and lack of transparent information.

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