Johnny “Money” Manziel is Potentially Heading North of the Border

The Canadian Football League approved a contract for Johnny Manziel to play in 2018, so it seems as if Money Manziel will get a fresh start in the CFL. Now yes, this doesn’t mean that Manziel will actually play for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who worked him out in September, but it’s a step in the right direction.

But why would Manziel want to play in the CFL?

It’s simple. Manziel flamed out hardcore in the NFL, it’s hard to forget about his disastrous season and the drama that followed. So by playing in the CFL it allows Manziel to get back on the field and play football and if it goes well enough, he could find his way back to the NFL.

But that’s getting a bit too far down the line, Manziel has to play first. According the CFL commissioner there are several things that Manziel has to do in order to remain eligible to play, which is fair given his track record of behavior is an understandable requirement. And while I understand the need to keep the requirements confidential, I’m still curious as to what kind of requirements Manziel could have in order to remain eligible. And I also wonder if they are standard for the league? We will probably never know, unless someone knows somebody who works in the league office and can get the information for me (which that would be totally awesome).

Ultimately, I do think that this is a positive sign for Manziel and will be a good first step in getting his football journey back on track. Plus overall it’s a good move for Manziel in his journey of getting his life back together. If he does actually take the field next year, it could be a good confident boost for him. Hopefully this works out well in Manziel’s favor and he reaches his professional and personal goals.


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