Let’s Talk About the Las Vegas Golden Knights

Let me just this post off by saying that I was HIGHLY skeptical of the new National Hockey League franchise team. I wasn’t sure how hockey as a sport would fair in the desert state, but I can actually admit today that I was wrong. The Las Vegas Golden Knights are not only the best team to follow on Twitter, they are a supremely talented team on the ice as well. Now I’m not saying that just because I think that James Neal plays some beautiful hockey.

They are currently leading their division and the Western Conference with an impressive 60 points. They are currently sitting three points behind league leading Tampa Bay Lightning, which given their injuries in the later part of December I’m down right impressed with their ability to keep playing hockey. They also have this annoying habit of not losing two games in a row which would’ve been nice when they were playing my beloved Chicago Blackhawks, but still I digress.

The Golden Knights organization was very smart in how they went about putting together their team. They almost seemed have been able to hand pick which guys they wanted and guys that they knew would be good for their team. They also have been able to give guys like Malcolm Subban a chance to play backup to Marc-Andre Fleury. Which I will admit always makes me happy because guys like Subban always deserve a chance to prove themselves and then when they get that chance and succeed it’s a heartwarming story.

We should also touch base on how the Golden Knights have completely owned the Twitter game. They have openly taken shots at the Los Angeles Kings questioning their roster moves and have a fun way of presenting the most mundane of information in a fun way. It’s definitely been a nice break from the typical team tweets and I’m all about it especially if they continue to use NSYNC memes in their content as seen here:

Vegas tweet 1
Source: Twitter

And yes whoever running the account has made a few slip ups here and there like accusing the Nashville media of cheering for a goal which is a huge no-no and trolling the Bruins with a sexist tweet announcing their lineup as all girls names. Which I will admit I expect more from a professional staff, but I do realize that mistakes happen so as long as the same mistakes don’t keep happening I will keep on enjoying the content.

The main takeaway from this is that the Las Vegas Golden Knights are really good at hockey. They are the best expansion team in the history of the league and if they continue at this rate, they might make a deep run at the Stanley Cup this year.

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