The Lakers Problem

Now I know that I made a post a few weeks back that I wouldn’t be writing anymore posts about a certain BBB that I will not name and I’m not. This post is not about him, it’s going to focus solely on what the Lakers and Magic Johnson specifically need to do about it.

You all know by now what is going on in Los Angeles with a certain helicopter parent claiming that head coach Luke Walton has lost control over the Lakers locker room. Lonzo did not help matters when he said that he would play for anybody. Although Walton wins major points for his response to pulling Lonzo early during a recent game, you can view the video clip on YouTube.

So you’re probably wondering what the problem is? Walton addressed it and Lonzo halfassed addressed it, so really shouldn’t we all just move on? Yes, we definitely should but I’m one of those people that is really tired of seeing BBB all over my twitter feed and in the media. ESPN should also stop using him as a ratings grab because seriously it’s sad that they keep giving his inflated ego air time that could be better spent covering real athletes who actually play the game.

A word of advice to Lonzo Ball, you are an adult who is playing in a professional sports league. You need to make sure that no one around you is messing with your ability to make money. You’re a rookie who still has A LOT to prove in the league to be deserving of any praise, but instead you allow someone to run their month and make you look bad. Stand up for yourself and your hard earned money. Plus because of who is running their mouth, you look a lot like the guilty party that said coach lost the locker room.

Now here’s where the Lakers come in, Magic Johnson needs to have a serious talk with BBB. These comments make the team look bad and that’s an issue. He has no business commenting on what happens in the locker room. He’s not a member of the team and all he’s doing is making the Lakers brand look bad. So like Reggie Miller said on the Dan Patrick Show this week, it’s time that Johnson bring out the mac daddy card and threatened to trade Lonzo if BBB can’t stop running his mouth. This is the best threat for BBB because his dream is to have all his boys play for the Lakers, so if he wants to stick his nose in where it sure of hell doesn’t belong, then there should be consequences.

You might say that’s drastic,  but don’t you think that enough is enough? Drastic times call for drastic measures and while I don’t like that Lonzo is the one effective, it’s the best way to get through to BBB’s thick skull.


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