Last Second Minnesota Highlight to Dismal NFL Divisional Weekend

This week’s National Football League Divisional Weekend games were in all honestly really bad football. The only highlight to the whole weekend was Minnesota’s Vikings’ last second unbelievable win, but I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s dissect all the action.

I will admit that I was looking forward to the Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles game, mostly because Matt Ryan and Co were coming off off a win the previous week. There is also the idea to see how the Eagles would fare given they were without their starting QB Carson Wentz. But I was surprised to see a really boring game to watch with little memorable action. The argument could be made that it was such a low scoring game due to the defenses, but it felt like neither team really wanted to play yesterday.

Game Two between the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots went exactly how we all knew it would. I was surprised to see the Titans get on the board first, but then in true Patriots fashion it was their game for the remaining three quarters. So this game was boring because it was a foregone conclusion who was going to win.

Going into today’s action, I was hopeful that maybe today’s action would turn this whole weekend around and I was not disappointed (for the most part).

I want to give a huge shout out to the Jacksonville Jaguars who managed to pull an upset by knocking off the Pittsburgh Steelers 45-42. It was refreshing to see the underdog pull out the win, but really I think we all know who is going to win the AFC Championship right? (Though I’d love to be wrong).

Thankfully the New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings game was exactly the kind of football game I wanted to see this weekend. I will admit that I’m pulling for Case Keenum who has bounced around teams and hasn’t managed to prove his worth until he landed in Minnesota and got the pieces he needed to be amazing. But let’s get back to the game.

There were lead changes and crazy plays that kept me locked into the game from opening kickoff to the final kneel. Minnesota kicker Kai Forbath managed to change the team’s track record of kicks with an impressive field goal to take the lead in the final minutes and Keenum managed to throw a pass to Stefon Diggs who scored an insane touchdown to win the game. I’m not a Minnesota Vikings fan but I still lost my mind when Diggs had an open shot down the field.

The Vikings win is the only highlight to an otherwise dismal divisional weekend and now I’m looking forward to see how the Vikings use this momentum going into Philly next weekend. Plus I’m also hoping that Jacksonville can pull of the upset of all upsets and punch their ticket to Super Bowl LII.


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