Rockets Raid Clippers Locker Room

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and saw the headline that four Houston Rockets players actually got into the Los Angeles Clippers locker room following their loss last night. I thought for sure that I was having a really weird dream (wouldn’t be the first time, but that’s for another post).

But alas after merely going on Twitter the crazy headline was confirmed. Following their 113-102 loss to the clips Rockets players Trevor Ariza, Gerald Green, James Harden and Chris Paul actually made their way into the Clippers locker room to avenge the way they were treated during the game. Specifically the way that Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin were treating them and really all Griffin did was score crazy points against his former teammate. And if Rivers said some stuff during the game that’s basketball and happens all the time.

So what I want to know is what were they planning on doing once they got into the locker room? Were they going to beat up Griffin and Rivers in a locker room filled with their Clipper teammates? Why was Chris Paul so hurt by the way he was treated by his former teammates? He chose to leave them and go to the Rockets, sure they were rumors that Paul was unhappy with the treatment Rivers was getting because his dad was the head coach but come on now.

I don’t understand how they thought this could possibly be a good idea. They have not only managed to make themselves look like fools, but have also made the NBA look bad that something like this could happen. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the NBA lays down some hefty fines for their stupidity, mainly just to use them as the example as to what happens when players stop thinking logically and want to get revenge off the court.

You would like that grow men who play professional basketball wouldn’t be prone to doing such stupid things but it just goes to show that when emotions run high logical thinking goes out the window. Now I can’t wait to see how the league responds to this because I think that it’s going to be a swift kick to these knuckleheads for their stupidity last night.

UPDATE: The NBA announced that only Houston Rockets Trevor Ariza, Gerald Green were suspended two games while James Harden and Chris Paul seen as mediators were not punished. Now there is a fraction of people that like Paul and Harden went unpunished because of their star power and Paul’s association with the players union. There is also people (mainly associated with the Houston Rockets) that think that Blake Griffin should be punished for his blow by with Rockets coach during the game. Now I agree that it’s strange that Paul and Harden were not punished when they were in the locker room because if they were trying to diffuse the situation they should’ve been able to keep the other two from the locker room and as for Griffin obviously he didn’t do anything so heinous and obvious if nobody was reporting about it at any point during the coverage of the game and subsequent incident.

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