Pittsburgh Pirates Fans are Fed Up With Ownership

Pittsburgh Sports fans have been through a lot the last couple of days. First, the Steelers lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars, which no Steelers fan thought possible. Then the news breaks that Pirates star Andrew McCutchen is traded to the Giants and ace Gerrit Cole is sent to the Astros. So of course Pirates fans are fed up with Bob Nutting and his (in my opinion head scratching) decisions so one fan took to Change.org and started a petition to try and get the MLB to force Nutting to sell the team.

At the time of writing this the petition has 49,956 signatures, which honestly I’m quite impressed by and in my  opinion shows a lot about the love fans have for the Pirates.

Now I will admit that while I am not a Pirates fan and know very little about the history of Nutting and his roster moves, I do know that the Pirates have been in the bottom third in terms of payroll despite the hefty check they receive from the league every year. If they are making so much money why are so low in paying their players especially when they have had some degree of success throughout the years. So the petition is starting to make some sense don’t ya think?

But the problem is that this petition probably won’t do anything. The MLB is not about to get into a war with Bob Nutting because of fans ire. Nutting hasn’t done anything to tarnish the Pirates brand or hurt the League’s image like Don Sterling with the Clippers. Plus if the league were going to go after an owner they would probably have gone after the Marlins owner first (at least from articles I’ve read say). Which I know doesn’t help make fans feel better, but it’s hard to remember that the Pirates are a business. All Nutting is doing is making a business decision because of what he could get in return of Cole and McCutchen. Now it seems like Nutting is making some questionable decisions in getting rid of an ace like Cole but Nutting is trying to win championships and continue making money.

So while I support the petition and applaud the fan who created it, I think Pirates fans need to take a step back and look at the last couple of years and how unsuccessful the team has been in not making the playoffs and such to know that the roster needs change in order to be successful this upcoming season.

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