Should Cavaliers Fans Be Worried?

First things first, I want to send out a congratulations out to LeBron James on earning his 30,000 point last night and being the youngest player to do so. Despite the Cleveland Cavaliers losing last night James should be proud of the accomplishment. Alright now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s get back to the drama that’s unfolding in the Land and see if fans really need to be worried or not about their team.

One reason why Cavs fans should be worried could be the team’s performance or lack thereof since Christmas. Currently the Cavs are third in the Eastern conference behind Toronto and Boston, which while it’s only January is cause for concern a bit. The team seems to be losing more games than they are winning. I would make the argument that that the roster isn’t really a winning roster but with a guy like LeBron leading the charge the win column should definitely be larger at this point.

Now fans should rest assured that in order to the Raptors or Celtics to win the division they will have to beat James three times which can be tough. But still if the team keeps on its current path fans should definitely be worried about an early playoff exit for the Cavs.

Fans might also be worried about James’ future with the team since nobody seems to know what he’ll do come next year. It’s been widely speculated (so take with a grain of salt) that James will not be with the Cavs next season. For awhile everyone at ESPN thought that James would go play with Lonzo Ball and the Lakers (which I highly doubt would happen). But I heard an interesting take today on the Dan Patrick Show when Chris Haynes of ESPN remarked that Houston or San Antonio could be serious contenders to get LeBron next year. While I think the idea of LeBron playing with Chris Paul and James Harden is interesting, I’m leaning more towards Pop and LeBron together.

And lastly there’s all the drama that surrounds the Cavs from the way the whole coaching change was handled to Kyrie Irving wanting out of the Land and the most recent Kevin Love centered player’s meeting following their loss on Saturday night. It’s concerning how much drama this team has because to me it shows that there’s a crack in the foundation of the team. And how can the team expect to play well when there’s such discord among them?

Now after all of that my initial reaction is that fans should be worried especially about the future of their team. But then I take a step back and think that they have LeBron James essentially leading the ship and he’s proven that he can overcome just about any obstacle, so fans should just take a deep breath and relax. So while there is a lot of evidence that fans should be worried it’s also just shy of the end of January and that’s plenty of time for the team to get it’s act together, right? Or am I just being an eternal optimist?

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