Dear NHL, Please Bring Back the NHL All-Star Draft

As we embark on the 2018 National Hockey League All-Star game this weekend, I have just one plea for the league to make this weekend even better: Bring Back the Draft. Now I’m all for growing and evolving to grow the game and such, but I really miss the draft and think that it would make the All-Star game more fun.

Think about it, who doesn’t love watching their favorite players (some partaking in adult beverages) holding their own draft and creating their “dream teams”. It was the best way to kickoff the weekend and in my humble opinion made the actual game more fun to watch. It was hilarious to see guys from different teams having to work together putting together a great team and it would be even better now with the addition of winning actual money. Plus we all remember drunk Ovi during the final draft, he was hilarious to watch and we can’t forget having Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews on opposite teams trying to outwit the other to get their fellow teammates on their respective teams.

There’s the added benefit of going back to two teams which would then limit the amount of time the guys are playing on Sunday. Currently there are two games before the final match and call me a purist but I miss just having two teams squaring off to claim the title of All-Star champion.

Or if you want dear League you can keep the four teams and have four captains draft their teams that way. I’m cool either way just as long as I get the Draft back.

Call me a purist but I liked when the All-Star weekend was a full weekend affair. It was fun to see the player’s personalities throughout the draft and see who was sucking up to the captains to not get picked last (although who wouldn’t love a ‘free’ car?). It doesn’t help that this year the All-Star Game doesn’t seem to be as important as years past. I say this because teams literally played Thursday night with players then leaving for Tampa and All-Star festivities. And I know that teams now have bye weeks so there isn’t a need for a long All-Star break but it just doesn’t feel the same this year.

Now I think that the All-Star Draft is important for growing the game for fans and potential new fans to see the different types of personalities of the players because it can go a long way in developing those rabbit fans who are fiercely loyal to their team (like those intense Flyers fans.)

So if I had one wish for the NHL it would be to bring back to the All-Star Draft because I really miss watching drunk hockey players hanging out and getting picked for teams for two hours to kick off my All-Star weekend festivities.

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