Tis the Season for NBA Trades

It’s that time of year that National Basketball League fans both love and loathe, trading season when their beloved teams get the missing piece to the puzzle that takes them to the playoffs or give away the star for peanuts because the team isn’t going anywhere. So let’s take a look at the two of the bigger story lines I’ve seen the past 48 hours.

News broke late Monday night that the Los Angeles Clippers traded All-Star Blake Griffin to the Detriot Piston in exchange for some young bucks and safe to say I was confused. The Clippers had just signed Griffin to a monster contract and now all of a sudden they’re trading him away to the Pistons in what is essentially a salary dump. So now the Clippers are without Chris Paul or Blake Griffin, so is the team giving up and going back to the drawing board? Maybe this time they won’t get themselves into trouble with the luxury tax and not give out monster contracts.

Some analysts are saying that the Clippers won the Griffin trade merely because they were able to get rid of Griffin’s contract, but really I think that Griffin won the trade because I think that there is something brewing in Clipper nation because there has to be something wrong with a team that can continually make the playoffs but can’t go further than the opening round. So maybe playing in Detriot Griffin could have a chance at getting a ring.

The other big story line is the failed Nikola Mirotic trade to New Orleans where in one moment NBA analysts are tweeting that the deal is eminent and then an hour later saying that the deal fell through. Now it’s been a rumor that Mirotic is on his way out basically since the drama with Bobby Portis and it didn’t help that Mirotic was in a meeting yesterday and left the practice arena while the team was still practicing, which only fueled the trade rumor. And while I’m curious as to why the deal fell through, I could venture to guess that Mirotic didn’t want to go to the Pelicans or the flip side the Pelicans didn’t want to give the Bulls their insane demands for Mirotic (I’m leaning towards the latter option). We’ll see if Mirotic stays in a Bulls uniform or if he finds a better fit for him in the coming weeks.

NBA teams have until February 8th to finalize their trades so we’ll see if these are the biggest story lines or if there’s another bombshell trade coming.


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