“The Two Bills” Does the Impossible: Humanizes Bill Belicheck

First 30 for 30 Reaction post of 2018 and we’re starting off with a really good one. “The Two Bills” managed to actually humanize Bill Belicheck and in all honesty made me actually like the now head coach of the New England Patriots. Which doesn’t say a lot because I didn’t not like Belicheck before, I actually admire Belicheck and his football mind. But my appreciation of Belicheck and his historical career with the Patriots, let’s get back to the film.

I knew that this 30 for 30 was going to be great because Belicheck got emotional within the first ten minutes of the film being back in the Giants stadium and I was immediately hooked. It also hits on the key elements of a successful 30 for 30 in that it discusses a topic that LOTS of people want to get the inside dirt on and having both Bill Parcells and Belicheck sitting in a room together is exactly how this story gets told.

For someone who knew very little if anything about Belicheck’s career pre-Patriots, what I loved most about this film was that it highlighted Belicheck’s entire career leading up to him going to the Patriots. While the film could have gone without giving the background in my opinion it’s key to painting the complete picture and goes a lot to show Belicheck’s character and mindset throughout the whole situation.

But what I loved the absolute most about this film is how open Belicheck was. Having only ever really seen Belicheck give his amazing press conferences where he manages to say as little as possible, it was refreshing and surprising to see just how talkative Belicheck is during the film. It’s almost like getting him in a room with Parcells makes him peel back a layer and show more of his personality, thus humanize the usually aloof head coach. This film also makes it hard to not like Belicheck a little bit knowing how his departure from the Giants went down, but I think that he’s A-Okay with what happened given how his career has panned out.

I know that ESPN released this film now right as Belicheck and his merry band of Patriots heading into frozen Minnesota to take on the Philadelphia Eagles, but I would’ve watched this film any time during the year because of how good it is. I applaud the director for finding a way to bring out a whole new side of Belicheck and presenting the story in such an interesting way that I’ve watched it numerous times to get all the details.

If you’re looking for something to watch before the game on Sunday, I cannot recommend enough taking 90 minutes to watch this film and learn more about Belicheck and his coaching career.



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