Patriots Stick it to the Colts

It’s been widely reported for weeks that the Indianapolis Colts were going to sign New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels as their new Head Coach. The Colts were only waiting until the Patriots finished their season to make the deal official, so when the Pats lost on Sunday McDaniels was getting on a plane to make the deal official Monday afternoon.

But mere hours after it was announced that McDaniels would be taking the HC job with the Colts, reports started swirling that McDaniels would be staying with the Pats. So basically the Pats toyed with the Colts and waited until the LAST possible second to entice McDaniels to say thus royally screwing over the Colts.

So you’re probably thinking that the Pats must’ve had a pretty sweet deal to get McDaniels to stay and you’re right. Pats owner Robert Kraft most likely offered McDaniels a lot of money and promised that he could take over the team from Belichick when he finally retires years down the road. (Much like Belichick was promised the New York Giants HC job to keep him in NY.)

This move is purely just a way to Kraft to stick it to the Colts for the whole Deflategate situation. The Colts blew the whistle on the nefarious ways of the Pats and now Kraft will take any opportunity to make the team suffer for their whistle blowing. But really this bait and switch move is a blessing in disguise for the Colts because McDaniels doesn’t have a great track record as a HC. When he was manning the ship in Denver he went 8-8 in his first season then had a dismal 3-9 the following year before being fired. There are also reports that the Broncos players didn’t like McDaniels much.

I think that this whole situation just makes McDaniels look bad because he agreed to taking the position and then when it came time to sign the paper he’s easily swayed to change his mind. Teams don’t want a HC that can so easily be swayed into changing his mind, they need a guy who is going to be stead fast in his decisions and stay the course he sets.

I wish McDaniels all the best in his future and hope that the Colts can find an even better coach that can help right the ship and unleash Andrew Luck’s talent.

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I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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