Cavaliers Completed Dominated NBA Trade Deadline

Thursday February 8th should’ve been completely focused on the Philadelphia Eagles and their Super Bowl Champion Parade. Unfortunately for the Eagles, the Cleveland Cavaliers were determined to make the most of the final day of trades that would result in literally trading away half of their roster including some big(ish) names.

But let’s back up and start from the beginning. I will admit that any trade deadline day whether it be NBA, NHL, NFL or MLB I’m usually refreshing my Twitter TL multiple times an hour curious to see what’s going to happen. So that’s exactly what I did yesterday while going about my day gearing up for the snow storm that was going to hit the Midwest, I would check Twitter about two-three times an hour wanting to see what happening. In the beginning it was pretty boring with little to no exciting movement so imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I start seeing memes about Los Angeles Lakers fans being excited and then see the news that Isiah Thomas was traded to the Lakers.

That of course was only the beginning of the Cavs roster moves with the three team trade that sent Derrick Rose to the Utah Jazz and the shocking trade of Dwayne Wade to the Miami Heat. While all these moves were happening one thing started to become clear, the Cavs management was making all of these moves to give the Cavs a shot at one more title before LeBron James becomes a free agent. Because if the rumors are correct that LeBron has little to no relationship with any member of the Cavs organization he’s going the moment he becomes a FA and I do not blame him. He’s done a lot for the Cavs since his return and he has the right to go somewhere else and help them win a championship (& no I don’t think that’s LA) because now it’s about LeBron’s legacy. He’s helped two struggling teams (Heat & Cavs) win championships and if he can go to a team like say the Chicago Bulls or Oklahoma Thunder and help them win championships he’s officially become one of the best players in the modern game. Now do I think that he’s actually going to leave the Cavs this year? I don’t know because on the one hand it makes sense if after this season he decides to take his talents elsewhere and just needs a player of his caliber to finally reach the championship (like OKC), but on the other I could totally see LeBron retiring a Cav sometime in the near future.

But all of Lebron’s endgame talk aside, it’s clear with yesterday’s flurry of activity that the Cavs are ready to play some serious ball with their exchanging old players for young guns that can help improve some of the Cavs depleted assets. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the team to mesh and put together wins considering that half of the roster is new but I have a feeling that the Cavs will be back in the W column consistently within a few games and make their way back to the playoffs.


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