Jocelyne Larocque Owes No One an Apology

Early Thursday morning the United States Women’s Hockey team beat Canada in a shootout to take the Gold Medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics, but that’s not what everyone is talking about. No, social media is up in arms because Canadian hockey player Jocelyne Larocque immediately removed her silver medal during the award ceremony and everyone seems to think that Larocque shouldn’t have done it and it was an unsportsmanlike move, which led Larocque to releasing an unnecessary apology.

I also want to mention that Larocque did say that she might actually appreciate the silver medal six months down the road, but in the moment she wasn’t too thrilled about the medal.

Why should Larocque have to apologize for having feelings? She and her teammates have worked years to win the gold medal and they thought they were going to win. Canada had previously beaten the US in the tournament and thought they they were going to walk away with the gold. So when they failed to win, it’s understandable that she would be disappointed and not want the silver medal. A medal mind you that you don’t actually win, you are just given it for losing to the gold medal winner.

It especially bothered me when her fellow Canadians were basically disowning her because of her emotions. I think that those keyboard warriors should taken a step back and put yourself in her shoes. What if you had worked four years to win the gold medal only to fall short and lose, how would you feel? You would probably be disappointed and upset and not like the consolation prize.

I like that Larocque was honest in her feelings because that makes her human. Yes, she’s an athlete representing her country but at least she’s being honest in her feelings. She’s a human with real emotions and shouldn’t have to apologize for said feelings.

Do not ever try to tell someone else how to feel because you are not them and have no right to tell someone what their emotional response should be.

And to Jocelyne Larocque, you played one heck of a game and you should never apologize for how you feel. I’m sorry that you didn’t win the gold but thank you for being a bad ass woman playing a bad ass game. I hope that there are more little girls that grow up to play like you.




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