Wednesday Headline Roundup: Sherman leaving the Seahawks, Bulls get warning from NBA, & Calipari calls for end of ‘One & Done’

Since there were quite a few different headlines making their way across sports news today, I want to try a new type of post where we take a look at the top headlines in a roundup sort of way. This way if this post is all you read for the day, you’ll at least have some idea of what’s happening in sports today.

So what’s actually happening in sports today? Well Richard Sherman is trending on Twitter because he’s allegedly texting his farewell to his teammates and according to Ian Rapoport Sherman is meeting with the Seattle Seahawks today to discuss his future with the team. It would seem based on the tweets from his fellow teammates that either Sherman has decided that his time in Seattle is over or someone has informed him that the team will be releasing him when the league’s new year starts next week. Sherman is still recovering from suffering a torn Achilles last season and is due to earn $11 million dollars when the year starts. So if Sherman is in fact leaving Seattle, the question then becomes where will Sherman go? The possibilities are endless because a lot of teams could really benefit by adding Sherman to their roster.

The NBA is reviewing the Chicago Bulls lineup after speculation has swirled that the Bulls were tanking when they announced that they would be exploring their younger talent. Now I don’t really remember a time when a NBA team actually announced that they would be benching their starters thus alerting the league office to their tanking efforts. Don’t get me wrong, if the writing is on the wall and you know that you’re not making the playoffs I’m cool if you want to take the last like five games to explore what talent you have on your bench, but to start in February is ridiculous and asking for the league to fine you for resting healthy players. Plus it’s insulting to fans that are not only paying money to attend the game but playing money to watch the games, just because you haven’t managed to play well all year doesn’t mean that you get to mail it in for the rest of the season.

And finally before the craziness of March Madness started, Kentucky Men’s Basketball Coach John Calipari appeared on the Dan Patrick Show this morning to discuss the controversial ‘One and Done’ policy essentially calling it a gap-year for most basketball players and he’s right. Most of the talented players that only go to college for one year are basically just taking time in-between high school and going pro to develop their skills, which for the talented players isn’t needed. LeBron James went straight from high school to the NBA and his career has turned out alright. Calipari also had an interesting idea for the players association to get involved with athletes before they go pro like holding a combine their junior year of high school to help advise athletes based on their talent who could benefit from going to college to develop their skills and who could actually go straight into the NBA. I highly suggest taking some time to watch the whole interview which I linked above because Calipari has some sound ideas on how to improve college basketball.

I hope you enjoyed this headline roundup and feel like you’ve been informed. Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion on the headlines presented above or any other headline that you’ve seen floating around today.

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