Washington Redskins Honoring 1987 Replacement Players

Late Wednesday the Washington Redskins announced that they would be honoring the 1987 replacement players with Super Bowl rings. In an article on the Redskins website the team worked closely with John Dorsey the director of the ESPN 30 for 30 “The Year of the Scab” and some of the replacement players to make these rings.

Now in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should pause right here and go read my reaction post to “The Year of the Scab” which is hands down my favorite 30 for 30 film to-date (might change if they ever make one about Michael Phelps).

While I’m excited that these players are finally getting the recognition they deserve, because let’s face it the Redskins wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl if not for the hard work of these “scabs”, I’m also disappointed it took this long. The documentary came out last June and the Redskins are just now announcing they would honor the players? In reality, the team could’ve easily honored the players during this previous season while they were waiting on the rings, but I guess that them finally getting some recognition at “a later date” is better than nothing.

Kudos to the Redskins for finally getting their act together and recognizing just how pivotal these players were to their Super Bowl win and maybe this is cleanse the team of some of their bad ju-ju and actually help them make a run at another Super Bowl.

You can read the article the Redskins posted here.

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