The Wild NFL Roster Moves (Thus Far)

It’s been a wild few days for NFL fans huh? I would love to say that the craziest thing that’s happened was Richard Sherman being released from the Seattle Seahawks and signing with the San Francisco 49ers, but really that was just the beginning.

Before the news was officially announced the Seattle Seahawks traded Michael Bennett was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles making them their defensive line just a little bit scarier for quarterbacks next year. The same day Bennett’s trade was announced, the Cleveland Browns made quite a lot of moves the most notable being traded Deshone Kizer to the Green Bay Packers after the Browns had traded with the Buffalo Bills to get Tyrod Taylor thus not needing Kizer anymore. (In my humble opinion, I think that Kizer is better off in Green Bay because while he might not start he’ll have the opportunity to learn a lot about being a starting QB watching Aaron Rodgers).

Moving on to other surprising trades last week, the Denver Broncos traded Aquib Talib to the Los Angeles Rams which shocked the heck out of me because the Broncos defense wasn’t the sole reason for their lackluster performance last season, but the Broncos answered their offensive concerns by signing Vikings QB Case Keenum. This of course goes against the rumors that had been swirling that Washington QB Kirk Cousins would be signing in the Mile High City.

That brings us to today’s craziness that saw Jordie Nelson being released by the Packers, Kirk Cousins reportedly signing with the Vikings, and Danny Amendola signing with the Miami Dolphins.

I will admit that I was completely caught off-guard by the Packers releasing Nelson because minus his recent injuries, Nelson was always one of Rodgers’ go-to weapons and had decent stats each season. Now it makes sense from a salary cap standpoint since the team was looking at Randall Cobb and resigning him, but still the move seems a little out of left field.

With Kirk Cousin ending to the Vikings the question is now what happens to Teddy Bridgewater? There’s no way that the Vikings would give Cousins has much money as reported (3 year fully guaranteed $84 million) and have him play backup to Teddy Bridgewater. while they had Teddy Bridgewater on the roster because I don’t think that Bridgewater would be okay with spending another season playing backup. Even though the Jets re-signed QB Josh McGown, the rumor mill has it that Teddy Bridgewater will be signing with the Jets.

And finally to rap up this roller coaster ride of NFL Roster moves, here’s the most notable retirements announced thus far:

  • Cleveland Browns longtime snapper Joe Thomas has also announced his retirement today instead of starting another streak of games started.
  • New York Jets Matt Forte and he will retire a Chicago Bear.
  • New Orleans Saints OL Zach Strief (you should definitely check out his press conference here).
  • Indianapolis Colts Cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

Congrats on the great careers guys!

It’s been a wild ride the last few days and with all the rumors going around today, there’s bound to be more surprising roster moves, so get ready.



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