Odds on the Golden Knights Winning the Stanley Cup

Back in January I wrote a post about the National Hockey League’s expansion team the Las Vegas Golden Knights and how they are the real deal (not just because of the Real Deal James Neal). The Knights continued to surprise skeptics like me by winning their division and being up 3-0 over the Los Angeles Kings in the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

I know that you’re probably sitting there saying, ‘now hold on the Kings still have a chance.’ And yeah I’d agree with you that there is still a chance that the Kings could find a way to win, but since the Kings have lost a game on home ice it’s going to be a severe uphill battle for them to make a come back. But if there’s ever a team that could come back it would be the Kings because they are one of four teams in the NHL that has ever come back from such a deficit and win the series.

So what are the odds on the Golden Knights winning the Stanley Cup Playoffs? According to Oddsshark.com the Knights are currently fourth favorites to win behind the Nashville Predators, Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Boston Bruins. But VegasInsider has the Knights at a 15/4 odds to win behind the Preds, which is why I love the odds because every single one is different.

It’s like I stated in the previous post, the Knights organization made some smart moves when they put together their roster, which has carried them into the Playoffs. Most would call their picks the older models of their current teams, which is really the greatest motivating factor for these athletes. Take Marc-Andre Fleury for example, he was the starting goalie in Pittsburgh for his entire career and won three Stanley Cups with the team before they decided to move on to Matt Murray. Since coming to Vegas Fleury hasn’t slowed down having a .970% save percentage which leads all goalies in the NHL.

Now I will admit that I know nothing about how odds are determined and stuff like that. But after having watched the opening three games of this series and really watching the Knights have been playing, my money is on them making a deep playoff run and given how their opening season has played out thus far actually winning the whole thing.

So if your favorite team didn’t make the playoffs and you’re going through hockey withdrawals, I suggest jumping on the Knights bandwagon because they play great hockey and make the playoffs exciting to watch because of the historic run they’re on.


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