Wednesday Round-Up: Tom Brady hasn’t confirmed to play 2018, Aaron Rodgers in the Dark in Green Bay, & LeBron has ‘checked out’ on the Cavs

It’s another edition of Headline round-up catching you up on some of the interesting headlines floating around the inter-webs today. In today’s edition we’re covering some interesting football news and the obligatory LeBron James coverage in the midst of the NBA Playoffs.

Let’s start things off with the Tom Brady news of the day. I saw a headline floating around (for awhile actually) that Tom Brady hasn’t committed to the Patriots to play in the 2018 season. It seems like this news has popped up because Brady has been in Qatar for his charity (and controversial Dr. Alex) and hasn’t officially told the Pats he’s playing next season. Now is Brady doing all of this because of the drama this past season with his beloved Dr. Alex? Possibly. I say possibly because there’s rumblings that Brady is upset with the team because of their cutting Dr. Alex’s access to the stadium and he wants to make the team and Belicheck sweat just a little bit. We’ll see what happens during the Draft, if the team takes a QB in the first round, then I’d say that there is definitely some cracks in the foundation between Brady and the team.

That also sparks another quick little headline where Danny Amendola came clean about why he left the Pats during free agency this off-season. Amendola told the media in Miami that he chose to leave because “after taking a pay cut for the last three years the Pats offer fell significantly short.” Which pulls back the curtain on the usually tight lipped Pats.

Sticking in the realm of the National Football League, Aaron Rodgers made some headlines this morning because he’s upset that the Green Bay Packers are keeping him in the dark on their roster moves. This comes after the team decided to move on from Jordy Nelson and Quarterbacks Coach Alex Van Pelt. Rodgers seems to think that he should be included in these kinds of decisions, but what Rodgers fails to realize is that the Packers are trying to protect him. The less that Rodgers knows about their off-season moves the better because his focus should be solely on the field and creating chemistry with his receivers. Really Rodgers just needs to trust the process and his own performance instead of what the organization is doing behind the scenes. You can read more about this headline here.

And finally, LeBron James made headlines following the Cavs Game 1 loss because he’s “checked out” on the Cavs, which is complete bologna. This comes after months of speculation that James is leaving the Cavs in the off-season to head somewhere like LA or even Oklahoma. And really let’s be honest, James has come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the championship, so them losing Game 1 doesn’t mean James is done with the team it just means they weren’t prepared for the Indianapolis Pacers. Plus on the flip-side the Cavs losing Game 1 just makes the series that more interesting so it’s a win-win for the NBA.

And there you have your headline round-up giving you a glimpse into the some of the more hilarious headlines floating around the sports news this week. Feel free to comment below your thoughts on these headlines and share any other headlines you found hilarious.

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