Tom Wilson Strikes Again

Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson has struck again, this time managing to break Pittsburgh Penguins forward Zach Anton-Reese’s jaw and give him a concussion. This coming mere days after his controversial hit on Reese’s teammate Brian Dumoulin (who did return and play in game 3). And yet again there was no penalty called on Wilson even though Reese fell to the ice bleeding and Wilson flew into his own bench from the impact.

But unlike the last two times that Wilson has hurt a player, this time he’s finally going to have a hearing with the league. I think that Wilson is finally having a hearing for his actions because Senior Vice President of the Department of Player Safety George Parros just so happened to in attendance at the game and from all accounts at a front row seat to the carnage. So we’ll know probably later today/tomorrow if Wilson will be sitting out for at most Game 4/possibly the rest of this brutal series.

And I say possibly the rest of the series because Wilson has shown a track record during this post season of brutal (unnecessary) hits and it seems that his hits are escalating in terms of roughness and subsequent injury, Reese has a broken jaw that will require surgery and also a concussion from this monster. But the heinous injury that Wilson inflicted on Reese, what bothers me the most is how Wilson acted following the hit. If you were watching the game closely, you would see that after Wilson had hurt Reese he could be seen sitting on the bench laughing, which is such a jerk move. I get that it’s hockey and hits are hard but do you really think that you should be laughing after your break a guy’s jaw and give him a concussion? No.

Wilson’s obvious disregard for his own actions is one of the main reasons why I think that league has to sit him. He needs a time out to realize the consequences of his actions and how because of his lack of thinking will hurt his team, because he assisted in Alex Ovechkin’s game winning goal so he seems to have some hockey talent that his team needs.

Stay tuned to see how the Tom Wilson series against the Penguins is going to play out.

UPDATE: after announcing Wilson would have a hearing early this morning, the DPOS announced that Wilson has been given 3 game suspension. It only took him breaking Reese’s jaw for them to put a stop to his brutal antics.

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