Steelers Give Shazier a Signing Bonus

Happy Friday! With all the headlines this week from the Redskins cheerleaders exploited and the whole Tom Wilson drama, I thought that it would be nice to end the week on a lighthearted feel good note and the news that broke out of Pittsburgh will truly warm your heart and definitely make you smile.

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced early Thursday morning that they were converting $8.26 million of linebacker Ryan Shazier’s base $8.7 million dollar contract into a signing bonus, meaning that Shazier will have immediate access to the money. This move comes while Shazier is recovering from the spinal injury he suffered during a Monday Night Football game against the Bengals and further proves how loved Shazier within the Steelers organization.

Shazier was placed on the physically unable to perform list this past Wednesday, thus meaning that Shazier will not play during the 2018 season. But he will have the majority of his money to give him some peace of mind while he continues to recover.

Shazier has made numerous appearances throughout his recovery, but none were as powerful as his appearance during the first round of the 2018 Draft in Dallas where he walked across the stage and announced the Steeler’s first round pick.

This move has no salary cap implications for the Steelers so they are doing it purely because of the love them have for Shazier.

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