NFLPA Reveals Reid Grievance Details

Last week free agent safety Eric Reid filed a collusion grievance against the National Football League and it’s 32 teams. Reid joins former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who filed his own collusion grievance against the league last year. Today the NFL Players Association released the details of Reid’s grievance.

In their statement the NFLPA outlined how it appears that the teams are passing on Reid not because he lacks talent but because of his past kneeling.The NFL has no policy for the National Anthem (like the NBA’s policy that players stand) and according to the collective bargaining agreement overrides any policy that clubs may have for their players regarding the National Anthem. So that means that teams are basing their decisions purely on his past actions and not his talent.

The NFLPA also outlines in their statement that Reid was asked by one team what his plans were during what could be considered a “preemployment interview”, which if true only serves to show that teams are actively trying to avoid the attention that comes with signing players who have knelt in the past.

It makes little sense how a safety with a solid resume would remain unsigned unless the owners were making a collective decision to avoid what they feel is negative attention. And yes, its in my humble opinion that it’s the owners colluding because ultimately they are the ones that have the final decision on players brought into the organization. And has we all have seen throughout the 2017-18 season and previous the owners have a limited view on how the league should be viewed among fans and believe that players should fall into line with their visions for the league.

Reid’s case is in capable hands considering he is represented by the same attorney representing Kaepernick in his grievance, so stay tuned this is gearing up to be another lengthy legal battle for the NFL.





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