Baseball in London, Why?

Major League Baseball announced last Tuesday that the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox would head to London next season to play a two game series and the only question I have is why?

Sure the National Football League has taken to playing a game in London each season, but it’s always been the lackluster teams which results in lackluster results.  I will give the MLB kudos for taking probably the most storied rivalries in baseball, which is almost guaranteed to give UK fans a show to watch (& maybe a brawl or two.) Which could go a long way in getting fans into baseball.

I completely understand the desire to grow the game globally, it’s actually the way to growing the game. But I still don’t understand why the MLB would want to take the game to England, because the game can at times be boring which could hurt their chances of getting English sport fans involved with the game.

But that being said, I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around why take the game to London. Especially because they’re only playing two games which isn’t a real series and think about the exhaust of traveling that far for two games. Whoever they play next is going to have a huge advantage because the players are going to be tired from traveling so far.

While I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the allure of London, I’m still interested to see how the games play out and the reaction of English sport fans because baseball is a completely different beast from football. (English fans should be happy that they won’t need the rules on the big screen because baseball has simpler rules than American football.


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