It Looks Like the Carolina Panthers Have a New Owner

So it looks like the Carolina Panthers have a new owner and his backstory is an interesting one (considering the current political climate we are in). News broke mid-day on Tuesday that the during next week’s National Football League Owners meetings that David Tepper will be announced as the newest owner of the Carolina Panthers.

If you have forgotten, the Carolina Panthers have been searching for a new owner since their previous owner Jerry Richardson announced he would be selling the team following allegations of workplace misconduct. I wrote a post about the whole scandal that unfolded last December, so if you want to catch up before we continue click here to read it.

Since Richardson’s announcement to sell the team there have been reports of numerous big names joining into an ownership group like P. Diddy, Steph Curry, and even Colin Kaepernick’s name has surrounded the team. But it seems as if David Tepper will be the new owner of the Carolina Panthers and boy from what I’ve read this guy is going to be a dozy of an owner.

So who is David Tepper? Well Tepper is a hedge-fund manager who paid a shocking $2.2 Billion for the team, which excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing that number. But it’s not the amount he paid for the team that has me interested in knowing EVERYTHING about this man, nope my supreme interest into Tepper is because of his feelings about the President of the United States.

According to the Sports Illustrated article I read, Tepper is one of President Trump’s richest rivals and had quite the opinion on POTUS going all the way back to 2016. Tepper is quoted has saying about Trump that he was a demented, narcissistic scumbag, seriously you just google those three words and you’ll get a full page of articles about Tepper’s feelings on POTUS.

So you’re probably wondering what’s the big deal about Tepper and his colorful opinion on the President, I mean tons of people question the President. But it’s interesting because of President Trump’s past with the NFL. If you watched the 30-for-30 on the USFL Trump was part of the group that filed anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL and also tried to buy the Bills before losing to the Pegulas. And most importantly last season made comments about players kneeling that actually brought owners and players together to fight back against his comments. So it’s kind of a big deal to have another owner against the office of POTUS, especially with the Kaepernick collusion case still going on.

While the President’s focus isn’t on the NFL it will be interesting if the closer we get to the season if his focus shifts back now that one of his rivals owns a team. Until then at least the Panthers don’t have to worry about their ownership anymore and can now focus on putting a winning product on the field and getting back to the Super Bowl for redemption.

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