The Inevitable ‘Hard Knocks’ Choice

Well it finally happened, the National Football League finally chose the Cleveland Browns to star in ‘Hard Knocks’ and I’m positive when I say nobody is surprised and none of the Browns organization is happy about this decision. It’s been a long time coming, though I will admit that I thought this would’ve happened when the Browns selected Johnny Manziel, but I guess Baker Mayfield will be a great character for the show.

So this news is a double-edged sword. Sure, the NFL films crew always does a great job of making the players look great and give fans of the show drama and an inside glimpse into some of the big names in the game like Jameis Winston last year with the Buccaneers. But still it’s a formula show that is centered around the drama that comes with training camp.

But while the crew is doing their very best to make the guys look like the second coming of John Elway or the best receiver in the game they’re still rebuilding and bound to take longer than training camp and the preseason to find their groove together. So Browns fans shouldn’t expect that the team will automatically start racking up wins because its going to take time for the team to mesh and find their groove. Not that Browns fans aren’t used to the team disappointing them.

Side note while I was reading articles about this, there were a few articles that mentioned a ‘Hard Knocks’ curse where teams that appear on the HBO show usually have a disappointing season. It’s partially true because most football players were tell you that any season where you don’t win the Super Bowl is a disappointing season, but out of the eleven seasons nine teams have appeared on the show and only three times did the teams win less than six games a season. Five actually made some sort of playoff run so I wouldn’t say it’s the curse of being on ‘Hard Knocks’ but more of teams struggling to rebuild.

Ultimately, I wish that I could say I’m interested in seeing how the show plays out but I’m not really interested in seeing the iso-cam on Mayfield and have gotten my fill of watching them build up certain players just for them to get cut at the last minute, nor am I that interested in the Browns on-field performances. I do think that it could be a great way to show Browns fans how they’re turning the organization around.

Here’s hoping that the ‘Hard Knocks’ curse doesn’t cause Browns fans anymore strife because they surely have been put through enough.


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