How the Golden Knights Found Their Way to the Stanley Cup Finals

The Golden Knights had that one critical motivator on their side that no other team in the league could possibly touch, revenge. So really it should come as no surprise that they found their way to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Yes, the argument can be made at the organization benefited from the expansion rules to help them build their roster, but that still didn’t mean that those guys were going to have such a great chemistry on the ice or even get as far as they have.

The guys chosen by the Golden Knights during the expansion draft were able to come together and play fantastic hockey because they wanted to get back at the teams that wrote them off. They were able to form a tight bond and chemistry because they were all cast aside by their teams and wanted to prove the whole league wrong.

Oh and they also happen to have some talent on the ice, which of course didn’t hurt.

Now the only question left is who will be the Golden Knights next opponent. Will Ovi and the Capitals actually manage to find their way to the Finals for the first time since 1998? Or will the Lightning capitalize on the Caps curse of luck and get another chance to win following their loss in 2015 to the Chicago Blackhawks? So once the match-up is set, it will be an uphill battle for the challenger to manage to defeat the Golden Knights who seem to have lady luck heavily on their side.

Either way, it’s guaranteed to be a great series and fans of hockey should rejoice in how awesome the Golden Knights success is for the sport of hockey.

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