The 76ers Burner Accounts Problem

It’s as if no one learned from the Kevin Durant burner account fiasco that happened last fall, because here we are mere months later with yet another alleged burner accounts. This time it’s Philadelphia 76er’s President of Basketball Ops Bryan Colangelo and boy is this one a dozy, it almost makes KD’s incident seem like child’s play.

The Ringer posted an investigation alleged that 76ers Colangelo was behind a collection of Twitter accounts. These accounts were used to defend Colangelo and even point the finger at players failing physicals around the trade deadline and alerting media members towards information. The 76ers have announced that because of this article they are looking into the accounts and who is actually running them. I highly suggest reading the article because I cannot do it justice in merely summarizing it.

Now I’m not saying that Colangelo and people in his position can’t benefit from having a burner account, I actually think he should have one to monitor what his players are doing on social and gauging fans feelings on the players. But the way that he’s alleged to have used these accounts is the problem. These accounts questioned moves made by coaching staff, criticized players and the former GM, and gave out private medical information about Jahlil Okafor prior to a trade, and tried to spread rumors about star players on the team to the media using information that only someone close to the team would know. So really somebody in the 76ers organization knew about this accounts in some capacity and should definitely be fired for this huge blunder.

Quick side-note: I understand that there are fans and critics out there that could have put this information out there about the team, but this kind of stuff is a step above the usual trolls online.

In an effort to divert attention from this alleged behavior, the 76ers announced today that they were giving their head coach a contract extension, even though he still had a year left on his contract. But really getting caught with a burner account will always trump any kind of contract extension news, I’m 100% positive that the only news that could possibly trump this today would be if LeBron James or Steph Curry were sitting out the NBA Finals.

I’m interested to see how the 76ers are going to handle this whole mess and really at this point I just want to know who is in fact behind these accounts. And maybe, just maybe, NBA personnel and athletes will finally learn that if you’re going to have a burner account please use it responsible.

UPDATE: I heard an interesting speculation this morning on a sports radio program that raised the thought of maybe someone in the Colangelo family being behind these accounts. Now the radio host reported that it was possibly his wife behind the accounts wanting to defend her husband, but if in fact it’s a family member I feel like it would be the son. I say that because one of the accounts was following a bunch of Colangelo’s son’s teammates, which who would do that besides the son? Whether it was the wife or the son, I get wanting to defend your husband/dad against the critics. And maybe it started out with one account and then spiraled out of control but this almost crosses the line in protecting him. This whole mess took it a step too far because now it’s going to have an effect on the team because nothing is secret anymore, players could be afraid that their business in going to end up on social media to deflect when the organization makes questionable moves/decisions. It’s a definitely a plot twist in this crazy saga, but either way Colangelo is going to be punished for this no matter who did it.


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