NBA Finals Game 1: What the Heck Happened?

Without having any pony in the show, watching the NBA Finals for me is fun because I get to appreciate both sides of the court. I don’t really care who wins as long as the game is exciting to watch and last night did not disappoint (and I’m not talking about the questionable officiating), but still even I’m wondering what the heck happened?

Even when the Cavs were leading and honestly just dominating the Warriors, it was exciting to watch because LeBron James left nothing out on the court. He put up an impressive 51 points and it looked like the Cavs were going to coast into an easy Game One victory, but in true finals fashion the Warriors were far from out the game.

And while I want to blame JR Smith for not taking a shot when they were tied with seconds left, I just can’t. I’ve watched the replay of that moment a few times now and I think that in the moment Smith honestly thought that the Cavs were leading by at least one. It’s not like the guys are devoting their complete attention to the scoreboard to really know since ya know they have to actually play defensive basketball and contain the Warriors. Take a look for yourself and tell me if you’d blame him for the Cavs losing.

Now to hedge off the argument that he could’ve actually made the basket or drawn the foul to at least put them one point ahead, but he still could’ve missed and they would be headed to Overtime.

So really if you’re looking blame somebody for the Cavs losing blame the bench. It seems like most of the guys on the bench have just gotten too comfortable with LeBron putting up huge numbers and minutes that they haven’t gotten their acts together to play basketball. Plus Cavs fans, blame the Warriors for finding their rhythm during OT and playing warrior fashion.

Losing in a such dramatic fashion pretty much guarantees that LeBron and Co are going to come out in Game Two with guns blazing with the epic comeback right? JR Smith is already in the gym working on overpowering a big guy like Kevin Durant and ready to avenge his game one blunder and I can guarantee he won’t be making any mistakes like that the rest of the series (LeBron will make sure of it).

I can’t wait for Game 2 now.

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