Knights v. Caps Stanley Cup Finals is Exactly the Hockey I Want

Ahead of what is projected to be a helluva Game 4, let’s talk about the Golden Knights/Capitals Finals thus far and why the National Hockey League should be very happy that these two teams made their way through the playoffs to get to this moment.

Considering the fact that my beloved Blackhawks are not in the hunt for Lord Stanley this year nor will the Penguins 3Peat, all I wanted going into the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals was a great match-up and boy the Golden Knights and Capitals have not disappointed.

The Washington Capitals have found their way back to the Finals for the first time in 20 years I believe, so that automatically makes their success that much sweeter. Add in the fact that Alex Ovechkin has been working his behind off for this moment this entire career and he’s grateful for every moment. Just look at how excited he is scoring a goal in Game 3:

Or his reaction to the great save by Braden Holtby in Game Two:

Ovi’s reactions to pretty much every little thing and his whole demeanor of the team working together is exactly why I’m pulling for the Caps to win because Ovi and Company have been through the ringer the last few years and are finally within reach of Lord Stanley.

But on the other hand there’s the Las Vegas Golden Knights who have come out of nowhere and surprised every single hockey fan. No one knew this time last year that the Knights would put together such a roster that would get them to the Stanley Cup Finals and honestly Marc Andre Fleury winning the Cup for a third year in a row and James Neal winning after losing to the Penguins last year would be hella sweet. There’s also the team’s whole Misfits image that would make their win even sweeter.

This series thus far after three games has also been an amazing display of hockey. There was the incredible performance of Fleury that helped the Golden Knights take Game 1, the incredible save (shown above) by Holtby that sealed the Caps Game 2 victory, and then the atmosphere of Game 3 because the Caps were white hot from the first drop of the puck to the final buzzer.

So really whoever wins this series is a win-win for hockey fans and the NHL. I saw a tweet that Game Two was the most watched Stanley Cup Final game in three years (coincidentally the last time that Blackhawks were in the Finals), which means that a lot of people are excited about these two teams battling it out to hoist Lord Stanley.

Hopefully you’re ready for what’s bound to be an intense Game 4.

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