Quick Hit Headlines

Since I couldn’t really pick just one topic to write about, I decided to do the quick hits on the three different topics I had in mind. So here’s today’s Quick Hit Headlines so that you’re all caught up on the most notable headlines.

First off, congratulations to the Washington Capitals on winning the first Stanley Cup in franchise history last night. The Capitals pulled off an impressive win battling to overcome the Vegas Golden Knights 4-3 with Captain Alex Ovechkin scoring this 15th goal, yet again showing fans why he’s one of the best players in the league. Ovechkin is also the first Russian Captain to win the Stanley Cup and he also took home the Conn Smythe trophy as well (rightfully so).

Another notable headline that popped up was New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is facing a four game suspension for PEDs. Edelman is of course appealing the decision and it’s unknown what substance showed up on his drug test, for all we know it’s a drug he’s taking during his injury recovery. Edelman had already missed a large chunk of time last season due to his knee injury and was poised to the be the number one guy on the field for Tom Brady.

And finally, we finally have an update on the whole 76ers Burner Accounts problem. Brian Colangelo has resigned after an independent investigation found that he knew nothing about the accounts that were run by his wife. Even though an investigation showed that Colangelo had no idea about the accounts, it was still an issue that could only be solved by his exit from the team. There was no way that any player currently on the roster or potentially joining the team would ever feel comfortable joining a team where information was being shared on Twitter to defend the guy in charge of basketball operations. The biggest name floating around to replace Colangelo is former Cavs GM David Griffin because he’s the best option to the get the team past this whole fiasco.

And there you have the three most notable headlines of the past 48 hours so you’re all caught up. With the NHL season over, the biggest sporting events happening this weekend is Game 4 tonight and the Belmont happening tomorrow and I’m hoping for a Justify Triple Crown victory.

Happy Friday!


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