The Mysterious Julian Edelman PED Case

News broke last week that New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman was facing a four game suspension for violating the league’s drug policy. I touched briefly on it Friday during my headline round-up. But since then some new information has come out that clouds this in a haze of mystery.

Edelman took to his Instagram story to apologize for fans and explain that he has no idea what happened which is backed up because the substance wasn’t immediately recognized in the test, which was reported by the MMQB. The test also reportedly happened during the off-season a couple of months ago.

You see now why this usually cut and dry incident now has a haze of what the heck is going on right? If this test did in fact happen a couple of months ago why is it just making the news now? Is it because Edelman is appealing the suspension or because the league released it ahead of the mandatory OTAs coming up?

Also how did this substance not immediately come up on the test? From what I’ve read it’s somewhat common for the drug test analyzers to need more time to identify what substances players are taking (happened in 2003 when four Raiders players were taking THG), but wouldn’t you think that the NFL with all their power and money would find a way to always be a step ahead of the players? This way they can test for any kind of substance and immediately know if a players is taking a PED instead of this whole waiting around to find out.

This whole thing makes Edelman’s appeal better for him because if the league couldn’t immediately identify that he was in fact taking a PED then this very well could be a case of a false positive test, thus overturning his suspension and ensuring if healthy he starts the 2018 season.

As always with developing stories of this kind, updates will be provided as they are reported. Until then what do you think, is Edelman playing dirty or is this simply a case of a false positive type drug test?

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