Rams to Pay Reggie Bush

Remember when Reggie Bush was playing for the San Francisco 49ers and suffered a season ending injury during a game against the then St. Louis Rams? Well Bush filed a suit against the team because of the random strip of concrete he slipped on when pushed out of bounds.

A judge finally ruled on the suit against the Rams Tuesday ordering the Rams to pay Bush for his injuries. The Rams are to pay Bush $4.95 million for compensatory damages and another $7.5 million in punitive damages.

One could make the argument that Bush’s career wasn’t the same because since knee injuries are hard for football players to come back from. Bush ended his career in 2016 after a season with the Bills.

Hopefully this settlement will help ease the ‘what ifs’ of Bush’s career and give him some money to store away for a rainy day.

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I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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