The Disaster That Was The US Open

In case you’re not a fan of Golf, this past weekend the United States Golf Association put on the US Open, which is arguably their biggest event. And to sum up the event it was a disaster that really overshadows Brooks Koepka winning it for the 2nd year in a row.

So let’s start at the beginning shall we?

First the USGA completely ruined the course. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is a hard course, which would make for an interesting tournament and really a battle of who wants it more. But the USGA had to try and make the course hard, which completely ruined the whole thing because the course became impossible. When the winner doesn’t even make par to win that’s a problem.

So because of the impossibility of the course a lot of the big names in golf didn’t make the cut. Rory McIlory, Jordan Spieth, and Tiger Woods found themselves with a free weekend which only hurt the tournament because those names draw ratings.

Then there was the whole Phil Mickelson incident where he hit his ball in motion to avoid it rolling back down the green. USGA gave him a two stroke penalty for hitting the ball instead of disqualifying him for influencing the ball. It was a whole mess of a situation because the USGA gave a press conference to explain their reasoning but it seemed like they were trying to find a reason to keep Phil in the tournament. Otherwise if they had followed their own rules and disqualified him, they would have lost another ratings booster. I know that I tuned into the broadcast early to see how Mickelson was going to play following the insanity of the day before.

All of the mess of the course and Mickelson completely overshadowed Brooks Koepka’s repeat win and Tommy Fleetwood’s record round yesterday to secure him a second place finish. Which is sad because Koepka’s repeat should’ve have been the headline making the rounds today. Koepka himself should be making the rounds this morning to help grow the game of golf in the states, same with Fleetwood. If the USGA were smart those two would be on the media tour to end all media tours to grow the game, which is the only way to improve.

Here’s hoping that come next year at Pebble Beach the USGA will have it figured out.

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I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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