Quick Hit Headlines: Barry Trotz Has a New Gig, NBA Draft Reaction, and Suspension News in the NFL

We’ve finally made it to Friday and to get you all caught up before your weekend plans, here is the top three headlines that you really need to know.

Starting off with news coming out of the National Hockey League, Barry Trotz resigned from the Washington Capitals earlier this week but has found himself a new gig. Trotz was officially named the new head coach of the New York Islanders late yesterday afternoon. Trotz had a contract extension with the Caps due to the team winning the Stanley Cup, but rumor is that the team couldn’t offer Trotz the money he wanted. And with the Islanders winning the Trotz lottery, fans are excited because it shows that the team might actually return to their former glory.

Now onto the headlines coming out of the National Basketball League. Last night’s 2018 Draft was filled with great stories, but the one that stuck out the most to me was that LiAngelo Ball went undrafted. By now we know all about the Balls, Lonzo plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and their dad is the biggest mouthpiece that nobody wanted to hear from. LiAngelo was playing for UCLA until he was suspended following a shoplifting incident on the team’s trip to China, so he left the team and went overseas to play basketball. Now just because he didn’t get drafted last night doesn’t mean he couldn’t eventually end up with a team, it’s all going to come down to a team that wants to put his dad all the time. Which given how the beginning of Lonzo’s playing career in LA went, I’m not sure there’s any team that would do it. His best bet will be to make a G-League team this summer and try to make the big show from there.

And finally, a big headline coming out of the National Football League, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Jameis Winston is to be suspended following a 2016 incident with a female Uber driver. The NFL has been aware of this incident since November of last year and finally gave Winston a three game suspension for violating their personal conduct policy. The suspension could actually increase or decrease by the time Winston is informed of the official decision by the league. Since this is a developing story, stay tuned for updates.

Now that you’ve been all caught up, you can rule the water cooler today or rule the brunch table this weekend.

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